Vic Husslers | Team Of 6 Premium Horses – Yearlings + Tried Horses For $200

The Pride Of The Big V
Multi Horse Bundles

Own 6 premium race horses for just $200 and $20 a month! Head to to become part of the team!

So far, the VIC Husslers have acquired the following yearlings from the Gold Coast Magic Millions Yearling Sale:

– Lot 425: Pride of Dubai x Just Add Water purchased for $150,000 ( + GST = $165,000)
– Lot 826: So You Think x St Remy purchased for $160,000 ( + GST= $176,000)
– Lot 900: Written Tycoon x Tornado Miss purchased for $350,000 ( + GST = $385,000)

And with 3 more horses to come, why not join now for just $200 and $20 a month.

What is TRL?

Every major sport on the planet has a tribalism driven, teams based League. Now it’s our turn. The Sport of Kings, Queens, Fillies and Colts is proud to announce ‘The Racing League’. TRL is giving you an opportunity to experience the thrill of horse ownership on the big stage with premium level thoroughbreds at an affordable price. At $200 per ownership unit you and your team will own your horses, call the shots and be a part of a competition revolutionising the world of racing. Max Horsepower. Minimum Investment.

How is TRL different?

– The opportunity to compete on sport’s big stage, in a team that you own is now here
– Your team, your colours, your decision making
– Premium level horses in the $200,000 -$400,000 price bracket have previously been the sole domain of the super wealthy: @ $200 per ownership unit: The Racing League changes this dynamic
– Ancient racehorse ownership structures have positioned racing predominantly as an individual sport
– With up to 10000 owners per team, operating in a highly competitive team environment – race day engagement and race day atmosphere will never be the same again
– Racing’s biggest stage has traditionally been dominated by Billionaires, Royalty and Industry High Flyers…as they can afford the best bloodstock money can buy
– With TRL making expensive horses affordable, the days of the elite and the privileged dictating horse racing are now over
– You will be involved in key team decisions throughout the premiership season. The Racing League is not a purchase and watch. The Racing League is about owning the players
and then making big team decisions throughout the season.

Your Team:

– 6 Horses per team
– 4 yearlings + two tried (ready to race) horses
– There is no mark-up on the sales ring purchase price
– Up to 10000 units per team @ $200 per unit
– You and your team name your horses via the online voting system
– Prize-money earned by your horses is distributed to you on a pro-rata basis. No prizemoney is retained by TRL
– All horses sold at the conclusion of their TRL career, must go through a public auction. You share the proceeds on a pro-rata basis. A performance fee applies to TRL (see PDS for more information). So, if a colt develops into a big money stallion, you share the proceeds on a pro-rata basis.