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BlueBlood Thoroughbreds – Multiple Group One Winning Syndicator

May 7, 2021December 17th, 2023No Comments

Blueblood Thoroughbreds offers a wide range of affordable racehorse syndication shares to meet all budgets.

Blueblood Thoroughbreds prides itself in providing the highest quality racehorse syndication shares in yearlings and 2YO’s. Focusing on pedigree and conformation.

Our selection process has been in development for over a decade. Best trainers in the business only train our racehorses. This will ensuring that your horse will be given the best change to succeed on the race track.

There is no better feeling than watching your horse pass the post in first place.

As an owner in a Blueblood Thoroughbreds syndicate you will enjoy all the privileges of owning the horse outright, including your name in the racebook, free course entry, a free racebook, member’s entry and hospitality in the owner’s room, at only a fraction of the cost.

To provide you with the ultimate racing experience. We provide various updates on your race horse’s progress along with any further plans for the horse’s career.

No experience in the horse racing industry is required to own racehorse syndication shares in a Blueblood Thoroughbreds syndicate, as we specialise in managing and introducing new owners to the industry. We’ve had the privilege of introducing numerous successful investors into the world of racehorse syndication. This is proven on our Testimonial page.

View the Blue Blood Thoroughbreds here.

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