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Live data feeds

We give more statistical data about your listing for you to see what is and isn’t working for you listing. From the data our premium packages have the option to discuss the stats with your dedicated account manager to help further enhance your Listings.

Our marketing strategies

Through our social media platforms we reach more then 300,000 people each month. Our ads are shown to people we have narrowed down to be the “owner type” making the 300,000 people we reach even more valuable.

We also are heavily involved in Google Marketing, as well as, Email campaigns and organic social media posting to our 6,000+ Facebook page members.

We are Thoroughbred Sales

Thoroughbred Sales is the No.1 online horses platform for current and potential owners to look for a new race horse. We are known not only for the amount of people we reach per week but the service we offer in helping people find the right horse to suit them and their budget. We have more Trainers and Syndicators using Thoroughbred Sales to connect with new clients then any other platform in corners of Australia.

How easy is it to list a Horse?

We pride ourselves in being known as an easy to use website. It normally takes less then 1 minute to upload all of your horses details with sections for images, information and even a video link.

Handling the enquiries

Once your horse is uploaded you will start to see the enquires come through. These will come directly to your email address for you or your team to follow up on. Thoroughbred Sales does not get involved with the enquiries or the sales process, we leave that completely up to you.

Costings with NO COMMISSIONS!

Thats right, NO commissions. To list your horse you can either add it up as a single listing or sign up to one of our Premium Packages and receive all of the marketing benefits for 12 months. Once you pay the one-off annual subscription that is it. You can sell as many horses as you like with no more to pay.

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