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Have you heard of “The Racing Club”?

June 2, 2021December 4th, 2023No Comments

Racing Club


With the increasing costs associated with purchasing a share in a racehorse not to mention the monthly ongoing upkeep expenses, it is becoming more difficult for the everyday Australian to own a share in a racehorse.

The Racing Club’s goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to be part of the sport of kings. We aim to make it affordable for the everyday horse enthusiast to live the dream.

Racing Club makes it a reality for every Australian to own a share in a horse. A payment plan is available to every applicant, no matter if you’re after 1 share or 5.

No need to budget for monthly ongoing upkeep expenses. All costs are covered in the share price, that’s right no further financial outlay. NO MORE TO PAY EVER.

Racing Club prides itself in providing the highest quality racehorses focusing on pedigree, conformation and type. Our selection process has been proven with our team purchasing many Group horses over the years. We ensure the best chance for your racehorses to succeed at the highest level on the race track.

As an owner in the Racing Club you will enjoy owning and racing not 1 but 8 specially selected horses trained by the best trainers around Australia. You will experience the thrill and excitement of being an owner in 8 racehorses. There is no better feeling than watching your horses pass the post in first place.

Check out the Racing Club.

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