Vardy Thoroughbreds

Vardy Thoroughbreds

Vardy Thoroughbreds are a personable, friendly and passionate syndicator that has nothing but the best interests of the horse and owner at the forefront of its business.

Founded in 2020, our vision is to find “value for money” ownership opportunities. These opportunities may come through tried horses, yearlings or weanlings. We love the idea of finding a tried horse, giving it a new home and a second chance in its racing career.

These types of horses are value for money as they are already broken in, have race fitness and are “ready to run”, saving the owners thousands of dollars!

At Vardy Thoroughbreds, we believe that we are extremely lucky to have the chance to race a magnificent animal for maybe only a quarter of its life. When our horses finish their career, it is up to us to find them the best possible home in retirement.

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