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Stable Spotlight – Dream Thoroughbreds

February 28, 2022No Comments

Dream Thoroughbreds was developed by a group of high school mates that grew up enjoying the thrill and excitement of horse racing.

They joined together to develop a syndicate of friends to own and race horses together. Win or lose they have enjoyed many fun filled days at the racetrack. Their syndicate horses have progressed from country to city racetracks, where they again enjoyed and celebrated victories with family and friends. Their Dream was to extend the fun and enjoyment to include a wider network of friends and race better quality horses with quality trainers for a low and manageable cost.

During the Spring of 2010 Dream Thoroughbreds was established as an incorporated entity, and developed a strategic partnership with the Freedman Brothers stable to select, buy and race thoroughbreds.







View Dream Thoroughbred’s Available Horses Here

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