Stable Spotlight – Minervini Racing
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Stable Spotlight – Minervini Racing

Keeping a racehorse in training is not cheap but it can be extremely rewarding in every sense.
At Minervini Racing,The philosophy is to produce a service that stands comparison with the very best. There are many trainers out there of full ambition and achievement, Mark Minervini is both. Mark is committed to do his utmost to get the very best out of every horse that comes to Minervini Racing.
Their stable has the necessary experience, self-belief and training facilities. They have the good fortune of having supporters who share our passions and aspirations of racing.
They are renowned for the care and well being of our horses and pride ourselves on their condition and presentation. Like their horses, they treat their clients in the same light, with respect and care. They pride ourselves on our service, and Mark is an approachable and conscientious trainer.








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