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Stable Spotlights

Stable Spotlight – Robbie Griffiths & Mathew De Kock

April 4, 2022No Comments

Victoria’s Super VOBIS and VOBIS Gold schemes have been a key plank of the Griffith De Kock Racing rise to the top. I have tailored my buying strategy around the incentive schemes and the great benefits they provide buy doing almost all our yearling purchasing at the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale and focussing on horses qualified for the scheme at the remaining Australian sales.

The approach has paid off because Griffiths De Kock Racing has been the highest earner of Super VOBIS and VOBIS Gold bonuses in multiple seasons, which only increases the prize money returns to our great client.

Selecting the right type of horse is also vital. I am a perfectionist and will only buy the best stock at the right price. I want the type of horse that will be ready to run early and compete strongly through the VOBIS Gold series, which now lasts throughout a horse’s career, only multiplying the opportunities available to secure great prize money.







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