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The Racing Club – Trainer Profile

June 25, 2021December 6th, 2023No Comments

 Trainer Profile

The Racing Club’s mission is to bring affordable racehorse ownership to all Australians.

With the increasing costs associated with purchasing a share in a racehorse, not to mention the monthly ongoing upkeep expenses, it is becoming more difficult for the everyday Australian to own a share in a racehorse. Racing Club makes it a reality for every Australian to own a share in a horse. A payment plan is available to every applicant, no matter if you’re after 1 share or 5.

Racing Club prides itself in providing the highest quality racehorses focusing on pedigree, conformation and type. Their selection process has been proven with the team purchasing many Group horses over the years. They ensure the best chance for your racehorses to succeed at the highest level on the race track.

As an owner in the Racing Club you will enjoy owning and racing not 1 but 8 specially selected horses trained by the best trainers around Australia. You will experience the thrill and excitement of being an owner in 8 racehorses. There is no better feeling than watching your horses pass the post in first place.

How does it work?

All of your ownership costs are covered in a ONE-OFF share price of $1,995, with NO MORE TO PAY EVER. This one-off fee makes you an owner in the Racing Club, enjoying and racing 8 specially selected horses who are all in the care of Australia’s leading stables.

What is included?

  • Race day member entry.
  • Regular Updates on Race Horses.
  • Regular Training Updates (Audio & Visual).
  • Relevant Race Information, Including Nominations, Acceptances and Barrier Draws.
  • Insider Reports from Trainers and Jockey (Audio & Visual).
  • Delivery of Photos, Video Footage (including Jockey Cam) of your thoroughbred.
  • Trial video links.
  • Raceday video links.
  • Race results.
  • Pre-race and post-race comments from the trainer.

Want to hear from those already involved?


“I’d like to thank the team at the Racing Club. I’m so glad I got involved. I have never had the spare cash to own any horses but with your payment plan you made it a reality. Crossed of my bucket list.” – Anthony Cap


“I used to own horses over 20 years ago and never thought I would ever get my chance again being retired on the pension. I love horse racing and watch the races all day. Racing Club has given me an opportunity to have an interest in some really well bred horses with good trainers as well. Love the concept allowing me to enjoy racehorse ownership again without burning a whole in my pocket.” – Clive Fenton

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