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Buying a Horse in 2020?

December 18, 2019December 4th, 2023No Comments

If you are looking to buy a horse in 2020, or multiple, and need to find buyers or racing partners then Thoroughbred Sales is the only outlet you need.



LIstings  - Thoroughbred SalesWhy List With Us?
Thoroughbred sales has the biggest audience reach of any online horse sales site. we don’t offer auctions as they are expensive and most of the time they won’t give you the most for your horse (in an online situation). On average listings sell for 30% more than what they would on an auction situation, the only downside of this is it may take a month or two to find buyers.



Audience  - Thoroughbred Sales

By January we will be reaching over 100,000 people a month through social media marketing. This converts to over 5000 site visitors a week of people looking to get involved in racing as an owner or trying to add another horse to their portfolio.




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Why Buy from Us?
Reputation is everything no matter what the business. We check over all listings that are uploaded to our site to ensure the correct information is delivered, correct documentation is in place and that the sellers are genuine. we also monitor the enquires sent between potential buyer and seller so their isn’t any confusion. we also are available to answer any questions you may have about getting into the racing industry, things to look for when buying a horse ect. We are a privately owned company that is here to aid people in buying and  selling horses to best suit their needs.



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