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Thoroughbred Sales Categories Explained!

Thoroughbred Sales


Finding the right race horse to suit you, your budget and your dream race of winning can be a daunting task. Thoroughbred Sales aims to make this as easy as possible by having all the leading trainers and syndicators available horses in the one place.

Our search options are pretty straight forward however there are some things you may not know. Most of the horses you will see on our site will have “price upon request” this is because of the guidelines around advertising horses in place by Racing Australia and ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Commission). For an explanation of what each category has available please see below:


Yearlings –

The yearling category is what currently makes up most of the horses on Thoroughbred Sales. This is where you will find all the yearlings available to buy shares in or become a racing partner. Most of these horses have “price upon request” which is because the trainer or syndicator does not have a certain licence to advertise the pricing however if you enquire they will be able to give you a price depending on how much of the horse you are looking to buy. This category also have Yearlings which someone is looking to sell 100% of which will normally have the whole sale price, similar to if you were buying a car.

Ready To Run-

Similar to the yearling category in which you can get involved as a part owner or in some cases purchase the whole horse. The ready to run horses are normally the next step after the yearling process where the horses is either very close to a race start or maybe already had one or two

Multi Horse Bundles- 

Cant pick just 1 horse? our multi horse bundle backs give you the opportunity to buy into a group of horses. Some of the clients offer a one off, no more to pay ever option whilst others can get you into the group of horses from as little as $200. This category is great for someone wanting to learn the ropes of horse ownership, looking for an affordable gift for someone or if you are looking to have a lot of fun with a few horses

Tried horses –

Tried horses is where you can find a horses that has already had a few race starts and may be looking for an easier state to race in. It is very common to find horses from Sydney or Melbourne in this category that may be better suited to race in WA or QLD where some easier races can be won. Some of the horses here may have also just finished their racing career and be perfectly suited to a pony club or equestrian horse as the next phase in their lives

Stallion Service Fee –

Only a new category to Thoroughbred Sales as we have seen a lot of interest in people looking for horses to breed with theirs. Under the Stallion Service fee category you will find all of the top stallions listed from various stud farms throughout Australia and New Zealand and have the ability to see what might be best compatible to your Broodmare.

Syndicate/ Race Horse Shares –

Syndicates are one of the most common ways to get involved with a horse. Becoming part of the syndicate allows you to experience all the thrills of racing without having to manage some of the day to day tasks involved with a race horse. Syndicates allow you to buy shares within a horse which is managed by a “syndicate manager”. The syndicate manager takes care of all the collation of billing, smaller day to day decisions and keeps the communication between all the owners involved. These normally involve extra fees for this but for busy people this is a great option.

Stallions –

Similar to the Service fee category however they are looking to sell the whole stallion. You may have the option to keep on racing these horses or send them off the the breeding barn.

Broodmares –

This is a mixed category that consists of clients looking to offer their broodmares for breeding or sell them off completely. The Broodmares have so many options like potentially racing on, Breeding rights or just been sold off completely. This is normally a case by case and you should contact the seller to see what options they might be interested in.