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Trainer Profile – Damien Lane

January 28, 2021January 29th, 2024No Comments

Trainer DamienFrom the day he could walk, Damien has been around horses thanks to his father and Uncle’s who were all involved in racing. 

His family home was directly across the road from the Uncle’s stable and with every spare moment, he found himself over at the stables learning and listening to begin crafting his horsemanship skills. Before too long the Coonamble based stables became his full time work place and so the education continued.

Another prominent trainer in the area at that time was John Lundham from whom Damien has great admiration and believes has played a major role in refining his current training programs.

In 2008, Damien re-located to Wyong where he is now based with a team of around 10. He enjoys taking on tried horses that other trainers may be struggling with and giving them a fresh start. Most recently Damien has bought 4 horses from Melbourne with non winning form and saluted with wins from all 4.

The current crop of 2YO’s are starting to make their way through Damien’s stable and continues to be happy with their progress. As with most young horses they need time and patience and Damien enjoys the challenge each horse presents.

Damien is a made keen Rugby league follower but the footy always plays second fiddle to his passion to training horses. He encourages you to give him a call if you have a horse looking for a change of environment or a young horse looking to be educated and put through its paces.

View Damien’s Available horses here.

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