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Trainer Profile – Ethan Ensby

August 20, 2021November 1st, 2021No Comments

Ethan has been involved with horses all his life in a period that began with following his mother, who worked as a Racing NSW swabbing steward, around country tracks from the age of five before embarking on his own career.

Both sides of Ethan’s family have been involved with horses and training for many generations, which has left thoroughbred racing in his blood from an early age.

Ethan originally wanted to be a jockey and pursued that dream from the age of 14 until his height meant weight was going to be a problem for him but that didn’t stop him starting a career in racing that led him to taking out his own trainer’s licence in 2015.

Ensby worked for many of the top Northern NSW trainers but the majority of his time was spent with Peter and Diane Stanley and Tom Pratt.

Time spent with each stable has helped shape Ensby’s training philosophies while the young horseman insists on a close working relationship with every horse, performing most tasks himself, including riding horses in all workouts.

Ensby first set up a stable on the outskirts of Casino before moving to Ballina to accommodate for his growing team, which is the perfect location to give horses every chance to become happy and healthy equine athletes.

Ensby’s location allows him to either work his horses on the local Course Proper, B Grass or Sand Tracks or take them for a short walk to the canal for a swim allowing him to constantly vary training routines to get the most out of all stable residents.

Ensby also has the ability to place horses in perfect assignments every time with a host of tracks in both NSW and Queensland within three hours’ drive, making his stable the perfect choice for horses of any ability.

While still at school Ethan completed several Equine TAFE courses mainly to keep interested in school and come out with Distinctions in Certificate I and III in Horse Industry Operations (Performance Horse) and on obtaining his licence completed Certificate IV in Racing (Racehorse Trainer) with High Distinctions as well! In the not so distant future Ethan will endeavour to completed a university degree in Equine Science to further add to his growing knowledge of the Equine in which his world revolves around!

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