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Trainer Profile – John McArdle

September 24, 2023December 15th, 2023No Comments

John McArdle

“Through honesty and availability, we will strive for excellence for our owners, horses and ourselves.”

The aim of Redgum Racing is to train as many winners as possible. Using traditional values, like honesty and availability, our owners will be kept up to date with the most accurate information regarding their thoroughbreds. Redgum Racing also employ current training techniques to ensure that the horses in our stable have the best opportunities to win.

They are striving for a transparency of operation that allows our owners the fullest experience of horse racing available.

At Redgum Racing, we aim to give our horses the best possible chance to achieve their full potential on race day. Our training quarters are based on course at the Mornington racetrack with our newly built stable facility on Roberts Road adjacent to the racecourse. The new stable holds a 40 horse barn which houses all horses of a night whilst during the day horses are held in our 21 day yards.

All horses which are in work walk to the track each morning to do their work with Mornington racecourse offering exceptional facilities, such as, the Course proper for fast gallop work, 3 sand training tracks, 1 grass training track, 1 all weather track, barriers for educating and also a swimming pool which is why Mornington racecourse is regarded as one of the best training facilities in Victoria. Such facilities together with our new stables provide a great environment for both horse and owner to enjoy their time at Redgum Racing.


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