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Trainer Profile – Michael Costa

April 12, 2020December 16th, 2022No Comments

Whilst respectful of and a dedicated student of racing history and traditions, Michael Costa Racing is committed to finding, developing and exploiting new ideas, techniques and technology that will improve every facet of the traditional training model.

Michael Costa Racing’s training philosophy is to treat each thoroughbred in its stable as an “elite athlete”. To realise this philosophy head trainer Michael Costa, the youngest person ever to be granted a trainers license in the Sydney Metro area, has sought out some of Australia’s most experienced and successful racing specialists, all of whom share Michael Costa Racing’s training “vision”. The resulting team’s collective knowledge of cutting edge equine sports science combined with their racing experience and true horsemanship is revolutionary in Australian Racing.

Michael Costa Racing’s approach to the client experience is also ground breaking in the industry. Racing is the “Sport of Kings” and we are resolved to make ownership in a Michael Costa Racing trained horse more than a share in highly tuned equine athlete but a passport to all the glamour, excitement and fun racing has to offer.

Our horses benefit from large open air boxes, and given that the happiness and welfare of each individual horse is a priority to Michael Costa Racing the tranquil setting provides the ideal environment for this purpose.

The iconic Gold Coast with its premier facilities presents five training circuits, with weekly jump-outs, triweekly barrier trials, state of the art equine swimming facility, weigh scales, sand rolls and bull rings.

The remarkable location also allows constant access to the river riding tracks giving our horses access to an abundance of stimulation exercises away from the racecourse.

The stable is positioned on the Gold Coast race track and is in close proximately to all of the major tracks.

The location also allows for our BOBS horses to travel over the board and target races in Northern NSW.

The Gold Coast is renowned for making horses thrive and has been the home to an extensive list of thoroughbred legends. With some of the most comprehensive facilities on any metropolitan/provincial circuit the Gold Coast makes for the perfect place to campaign your next thoroughbred champion.

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