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What is Stable Of Stars?

July 22, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments

Recently winning the Group 1 JJ Atkins with King Colorado!

The Stable of Stars Racing Club is Australia’s newest and most innovative thoroughbred racing community.

The idea is simple:

  • We arrange to lease some quality young horses from breeders, stud farms and owners across Australia…and we add those horses to our ‘Stable’
  • We send some of those horses to Australia’s biggest name trainers in Metropolitan areas
  • We send some of those horses to some amazing established trainers AND some top-class emerging young trainers in regional areas
  • We offer tens of thousands of everyday Australians the opportunity to join the club for as little as a Dollar a Day
  • We provide every member with all of the action, communications, excitement, emotions, knowledge, friendships, fun and experiences associated with racehorse ownership
  • We ensure that every member feels like they actually OWN every horse in our Stable across Australia

All Stable of Stars horses will be leased and owned for 3-4 years by ‘Stable of Stars Racing’ (a syndicate already registered with Racing Australia)

All of our jockeys will wear the Stable of Stars gold and black silks.


What Do We Do?

We are a lifestyle and experience-based project that engages all Australians with a common interest in thoroughbred racing. The club brings information, content and experiences to people who may never have had…or will have…the opportunity to become ‘this close’ to the industry and its participants.

The core focus is to offer members, from any part of the general community, the chance to experience all aspects of racehorse ownership – without the usual costs to be involved.

The project has been devised and structured to be a ‘no-brainer’. We have put together a model that enables the average everyday Australian… from any walk of life…to experience what it REALLY FEELS LIKE to be a racehorse owner…of a whole stable of racehorses…without the usual financial risk.

The program ensures lots of action – as we are building a whole Stable of racehorses across every Australian State (starting in NSW / ACT; QLD and VIC). So when you are a member of Stable of Stars, you enjoy all of the ownership experiences across EVERY horse in our Stable.

We are building the foundations of Stable of Stars so strong and so deep that we plan on being around forever. We are acquiring potentially top class racehorses, as youngsters, from breeders around the country and racing them in the Stable of Stars colours for 3-4 years. Every season as membership numbers grow, we acquire more horses and grow the size of the Stable. It is not impossible that our Racing Stable could grow to 20, 30, 50 or even more racehorses over time.

And you get the chance to follow…enjoy…and participate in the career of every one of them just as an owner would…for as little as a Dollar a Day


View Stable Of Stars Available Horses Here

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