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What is TRL?

February 5, 2021November 1st, 2021No Comments

Every major sport on the planet has a tribalism driven, teams based League. ​

Now it’s our turn. The Sport of Kings, Queens, Fillies and Colts is proud to announce ‘The Racing League’.

TRL is giving you an opportunity to experience the thrill of horse ownership on the big stage with premium level thoroughbreds at an affordable price.

At $200 per ownership unit you and your team will own your horses, call the shots and be a part of a competition revolutionising the world of racing.

Max Horsepower. Minimum Investment.

View Video on How It Works Here

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  • The opportunity to compete on sport’s big stage, in a team that you own is now here
  • Your team, your colours, your decision making     
  • Premium level horses in the $200,000 -$400,000 price bracket have previously been the sole domain of the super wealthy:
    @ $200 per ownership unit: The Racing League changes this dynamic
  • Ancient racehorse ownership structures have positioned racing predominantly as an individual sport
  • With up to 10000 owners per team, operating in a highly competitive team environment – race day engagement and race day atmosphere will never be the same again
  • Racing’s biggest stage has traditionally been dominated by Billionaires, Royalty and Industry High Flyers…as they can afford the best bloodstock money can buy
  • With TRL making expensive horses affordable, the days of the elite and the privileged dictating horse racing are now over             
  • You will be involved in key team decisions throughout the premiership season. The Racing League is not a purchase and watch. The Racing League is about owning the players and then making big team decisions throughout the season


We all love to cheer for our footy team but imagine owning it, and the players!

In TRL’s world first nationwide League Competition you own the team and the players… well the horses.

In Year 1, ‘The Racing League’ is launching with 4 teams of 6 Horses, each consisting of 2 ready-to-race horses and 4 yearlings.

Your horses compete in racing’s existing race day national scheduling, earning your team points based upon the class of race they compete in.

Non-Metro Metro Listed Group 2 /Group 3 Group 1
1st 10 25 50 75 100
2nd 7 17 34 51 75
3rd 4 10 20 30 44
4th 2 5 10 15 22
5th 1 2 4 6 9


*Picnic races will earn points at 50% of non-metro races.


  • 100% of owner pro rata prizemoney earned is distributed to team owners.


The TRL Season in year 1 encompasses:

  • The inaugural TRL season will commence on 1 March 2021 and conclude on the day of The Everest Day in 2022


The TRL Season in year 2 onwards encompasses:

  • All race meetings held from the Sunday after Everest/Caulfield Cup (mid October) through to Everest/Caulfield Cup Meeting the following year
  • The premiership prize to the competition’s winning team is currently being formulated.


  • 6 Horses per team
  • 4 yearlings + two tried (ready to race) horses
  • There is no mark-up on the sales ring purchase price
  • Up to 10000 units per team @ $200 per unit
  • Creating a salary cap of up to $2million per team
  • You and your team name your horses via the online voting system
  • Prize-money earned by your horses is distributed to you on a pro-rata basis. No prizemoney is retained by TRL
  • All horses sold at the conclusion of their TRL career, must go through a public auction. You share the proceeds on a pro-rata basis. A performance fee applies to TRL (see PDS for more information – links to the PDS can be found at the bottom of this page). So, if a colt develops into a big money stallion, you share the proceeds on a pro-rata basis.


  • The horses are purchased by racing’s leading bloodstock agents. All bloodstock agents engaged by TRL will be bound by a strict Code of Conduct, with their selection based upon empirical evidence.


  • All of the 24 horses acquired in year 1 (6 horses, 4 teams) will be placed in an AFL/NFL style draft where you, the team owners, vote to select the 6 horses to be in your team
  • Based on your votes, the team manager will pursue the teams horses from the draft
  • In the instance where a team does not reach the maximum 10,000 units, 6 horses will be bought on a pro-rata basis (eg. if there are 9,000 units sold, your teams salary cap will be $1.8m)
  • You are an owner, so you own the decisions and the outcome!.


  • Trainers will submit an online pitch to team owners
  • Each team must select 4 metropolitan trainers and two non-metro trainers
  • As per the TRL horse selection draft, there will also be a TRL trainer draft process
  • Each team will vote their draft trainer selection preferences
  • Based on your votes, the team manager will select the teams chosen trainers from the draft
  • No trainer may train more than 2 horses for a team.


  • 10,000 units per team
  • 1 unit = $200
  • Creating a salary cap up to $2m (to be spent ENTIRELY on 6 team horses)
  • Minimum unit 1
  • Maximum units any one person can own is= 50. Applications for greater than 50 units of ownership can be made by contacting TRL direct
  • Each January team owners will be debited a $60 capital contribution per unit owned. This will be used to replenish your team and grow your team.
  • Ongoing monthly fee COST is $20 per month for your first unit, $5 for each additional unit in the same team. This covers all associated horse costs and TRL operations.
  • In circumstances where a horse is not able to be sold, TRL may impose a small one-off fee (I.E. $1 per unit) to enable retraining and rehoming of your horses. TRL is ownership with responsibility.


$200 to buy your unit:

  • Giving you ownership in 6 premium level horses
  • Become a foundation team owner, connected to other owners by a community spirit, competing in a National Racing League competition
  • Receive exclusive insights via video communication from your chosen trainers
  • Create history in being a part of a world first Racing League
  • Access to exclusive team events for team owners, including – Stable Visits, Raceday Functions, Lunches, Dinners, Travel opportunities
  • Team membership opportunities –  Promotions, Prizes, Merchandise
  • Access to trainer & jockey insights, updates & analysis.


  • At the conclusion of a TRL season, teams must vote to trade one horse and offer this horse into a draft system.
  • Draft selections will be granted in reverse order to a team’s position in the League from the previous season
  • Also at the conclusion of a TRL season, teams must elect to sell one horse (all sold horses will need to comply with our Animal Welfare Policy).
  • In January of each year, team owners will be debited $60 per unit owned creating a $600,000 fresh salary cap. This money will be used to acquire two new horses each year (these 2 horses each year will be selected by team owners from within TRL draft)
  • This process will repeat each year, until a team is made up of a total of 10 horses.


  • Racing offers something that no other sport can; the thrill of owning the player
  • The thrill of racehorse ownership something is indescribable until it is experienced. It is a thrill so great, that is captivates billionaires and royalty
  • This thrill is amplified by the historic bond between human and horse
  • Own with your friends, and these life experiences will stay with you forever.


We are working with race clubs around the country to coordinate premium race day experiences and owner access that reflects the prestige of our national competition.

  • Enjoy getting together and being part of a new and exciting social community
  • Become a historical foundation owner via committing to your chosen TRL team
  • Be a part of the excitement in person or online for some of the globe’s most respected thoroughbred sales including the Magic Millions Sales in January and the Inglis Easter Sale
  • Being a part of TRL’s inaugural acquisition of bloodstock.
  • Exclusive insight into some of Australia’s most picturesque and renowned stud operations and potential opportunities to visit.
  • Join your teammates and participate in TRL horse selection DRAFT
  • Enjoy video pitches from Australia’s leading trainers as to why you should choose them to train for your team
  • Be part of TRL trainer selection draft; where team owners vote, making the critical decision on who will train for your team
  • As owners, you will have input into the jockey silks design and team’s racing colours
  • Nominate and vote on the name of your teams horses
  • Vote on 1 horse that needs to be sold annually.


  • Ready to race horses are expected to be acquired early 2021
  • Enter TRL draft
  • Commence racing for selected TRL teams immediately
  • Yearlings are purchased Quarter 1 2021 and enter TRL draft
  • Selected from TRL draft
  • Off to school, where your horses are deeply cared for in a multi stage development process
  • You are kept close to your players, learning the intricacies of your horse’s unique personality traits and the early talent indications as the anticipation builds
  • Your team’s yearlings turn 2 years old on August 1
  • August – 2 year old trials begin
  • October – The first races for the 2 year old season commences
  • January onward- let the multiple million dollar 2yo races begin
  • As 3yo’s there are many race options
  • As the race distances extend your horse’s race options increase
  • Guineas, Oaks, Derbys,  The Everest, The All Star Mile, The Stradbroke all become dreams and possibilities for your horses


Jockeys will be selected by a team’s elected trainers

  • TRL management believe in trusting our experienced trainers to choose the most suitable jockey for a particular horse
  • Team managers may occasionally discuss jockey selections with trainers

Trainers will pitch in a video format, reasons why they should be chosen by team owners to train for The Racing League

  • Each team will need to have a maximum of 4 metropolitan trainers
  • And a minimum of two non-metropolitan trainers
  • No trainer can train more than 2 horses in one team


Joining a TRL team is a license to have fun, both online and through functions hosted by TRL as team owners are brought together.

It is TRL’s intention to run a combination of events, both on-track and off-track.

For on-track events, TRL will work in conjunction with the major race clubs to ensure that owners can be treated to a great experience every time your horses’ run. We know that you will want to experience the thrill of race day and are committed to providing opportunities to get together and enjoy the experience as a team.

TRL will provide exclusive hospitality experiences at major race days to bring team owners together to enjoy the biggest racing events of the year.   

Off-track TRL will host a number of events each year, allowing team owners to come together to share stories, meet their team ambassador and team manager. TRL intends to hold events at trainer stables, horse studs and at morning track-work to allow you exclusive behind the scenes access to meet your horses and their handlers.

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