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Why now is a better time then any to buy a Yearling?

March 28, 2020November 1st, 2021No Comments

In a time of economic uncertainty why is it as good a time as any to buy a Race Horse?

If you were looking to buy a shares in a yearling earlier in the year now is still a good a time as any if you are still in the financial  position to do so. Coming out towards the end of yearling sales season Thoroughbred Sales currently has over 250 horses available from leading trainers and syndicators from all over Australia. Our platform offers you the opportunity to compare long distance prospects to sprinters, state by state trained horses, if you have a particular trainer you like you can also view all horses they have available and more.

No more to pay up until end of June:

Most of the trainers and syndicators have a fixed price on their horses with no fees to kick in until June, this does depend on the trainer and syndicator as some are different. For yearlings as they have just come out of the sales period, they will be in the paddock just growing for the next couple of months and then will begin the breaking in process, cost price for this stage is roughly $1000 per month for the horses ($50 per month for 5% share). Once the horse goes to the trainer for its first preparation the cost will then go up to about $4000 per month however this wont be until mid-year.

Record Prize money is still on offer:

Last season, 18/19, seen $809,109,018 distributed in prize money including trophies and incentives schemes such as woman in racing, Magic Millions bonuses, Bobs Bonus ect. This season has seen additions to this prize money in the way of Racing QLD winter carnival and breeders bonuses such as the ones from Aquis. If you are looking at a particular horse you can contact the seller to find out exactly what each horse is eligible for.

Social aspect and day out:

Unfortunately at the moment the thrill of going the races as an owner and watching your horse run is restricted, however this will be lifted and we will be back at the race track soon. If you are looking at purchasing a yearling by the time it has it first start we can assure you racing will be back to normal. depending on which state your horse races in some owners benefits slightly change but they all included admission to the course on the day. If your horses horse wins, doesn’t matter if its a maiden race or a Group 1, if it is your first horses the thrill is still the same.



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